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Originally Posted by 2tough2stop View Post

This strategy has changed the way I look at defense forever.. its like it all makes sense now. before i was to the point where i couldn't even blitz any more and now I can blitz pretty much all game and still keep the wr's covered and the amount of picks and sacks I get now is crazy!!!! You put a lot of work into this awesome job this stuff cant even compare to what other places have on next gen, their stuff is so bad on next gen. im never gonna spend another penny from those other sites ever again. Looking forward to more guides from this place. This is hands down the best site for madden.


Originally Posted by worldwide hustlas View Post

I have learned quite a few things from looking anywhere to gain an edge in madden. The one thing that puts TML above the others, is TML is the ONLY site who ACTUALLY EMPLOYS true top players. You get the best schemes in the nation before anyone else at TML. They teach it to you first hand. Other sites, claim to be giving you plays from elite players, but the truth is everyone on their staff are just a bunch of average no name gamers. I learned this first hand by being very disappointed in buying what I thought were elite tips, but turned out to be a bunch of watered down, second rate garbage on another site. If you are serious about improving your game, do not waste your team anywhere else, TML IS THE BEST MADDEN SITE PERIOD!


C'mon, admit it. Haven't you said this at least once? I know that I have back in the day...usually while throwing my controller on the floor. Why run away from cheesers when you can just man handle them? Either your opponent is beating you up and down the field with the same 2 plays, or the CPU seems to know exactly what you are going to do and blows up your play before it gets started.

At Madden Tips, Madden is personally one of our top; if not our top priority. If you know me personally, you already know my philosophy when it comes to everything I do; especially Madden. I cannot accept myself for being anything less then the best, at either playing Madden; or the content I provide here at my website.

The fact is, becoming a competitive player on Madden 12 will take some time and effort. Whether you have a job, school work or other responsibilities, you no doubt have only limited free time. You want to have fun, you want to play the game, not spend days and weeks just trying to figure out the details and getting whooped by the kids who play this sun up to sun down.

The truth is, we don't preach to the choir here. A great Madden player will tell you that no matter how good he is, he learns something new every day. Maybe even every game. Madden is such an intense and complicated game, that it is very reasonable to easily learn something new to take your game on more step further very often. That is the mentality we have here, and as much as we play; trust me. We keep your minds fresh and learning every week.

If you are still tracking with me, then the Madden-Tips product will be a great resource to you. It will help you overcome the learning curve quick in areas you haven't already, and improve your approach to playing the game at any level by...

  • Learn how to make pre-snap reads on offense
    If you can determine whether the defense is in man or zone coverage, then you can bust them wide open. The Madden-Tips lab will continuously visit techniques that you can use to figure out what the defense is doing before the snap. Then we'll show you how to attack the defense!
  • The Under Man Scheme
    Yes... we are the only website who preaches and teaches how to use "The Under Man Scheme". No other websites on the net teach this, because they are not complex and as into the game as me and my staff. We show you how to run what the best defenses in the NFL run, right here.
  • Play Lock Down Defense Like a PRO!
    We guarantee you that with our defensive tactics, you will lock down cheesers so hard; that you will WISH you could play cheesers more often. You will shut down trashy cheesers so easily, that you will honestly think it's hard to stop "SIM" players because they are so unpredictable. We got you super covered on all that "rolling out, goal line, going for every 4th down" that cheesers do.
  • Attack any coverage with Tight/Bunch sets
    Personally, I love using bunch/tight/compressed sets in order to to better prepare my mind on what to expect from the defense every single play. We show you all the in's and out's of just about all the compressed sets in the game to the point where you might not want to get out of them like myself!
  • Get the skills to running a shutdown defense
    At Madden-Tips, we definitely have your back on the defensive side of the ball. Well known for one of the most robust defensive schemes on Madden for the past few years, we will break down defense to a science. I show you how to put pressure, and cover all your opponent has to hit at the same time. I also teach you how to trick smart ballers that are usually expecting certain good plays.


Originally Posted by FlawlessVictory View Post

The Madden Lab never fails to deliver superior products at superior prices. Whether you are looking to learn and apply the techniques of top Madden Ballers or looking for that specific game changing play, The Madden Lab will meet, AND exceed your expectations. If you are serious about improving your game on the sticks, then The Madden Lab is a must have. ~FlawlessVictory.


Originally Posted by Terror 9999 View Post

The Lab is a great product to have if your looking to take your game to the next level. Whether your a hardcore madden player or just a sim type player, you will still benefit from it. The Lab isn't just full of glitches, it actually gives good tips & plays. You can even use a lot of the tips & strategies & apply them to your own game & not just use the plays they give you.


You can spend hour upon hour trolling forums just trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. With the TML LAB section for Madden you get...


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